APATAP was established in 2013 as Asia Pacific's key body in supporting and developing the cross-disciplinary study and management of threatening individuals and behaviours.

We welcome membership and collaboration with individuals and organisations from the field of risk assessment, forensic psychology, security, policing, law enforcement, and workplace safety.

Join us.

A message from Dr Lorraine Sheridan 
President APATAP 2020

We now enter our 9th year since APATAP was founded and our membership and reach continue to increase. APATAP exists to support and connect people whose work concerns the assessment and management of threats and targeted violence.

Targeted violence is not well understood by the general public and indeed by people who make policy and legal decisions. As threat assessment professionals, we need to stand together and share a voice. Our voice is based on empirical evidence and as members of APATAP we seek to educate, research, and inform.

At our 2020 conference in Melbourne, attendees travelled from five continents and shared their expertise from a range of perspectives. Presenters and delegates came from private companies both large and small, police forces, the courts, universities, not for profit organisations, corrective services, medicine, law, social work, nursing and government. This illustrated not only the wealth of knowledge and skills our members possess but also the opportunities available to us all. The topics covered demonstrated how much intersection there is between our areas of specialism. As such, I want to urge people to collaborate and appreciate that despite our different backgrounds, many of the issues that we are working on have fundamental similarities.

I am hopeful that by standing together in unison we can make ourselves known, demonstrate our knowledge, influence policy makers, and push for sensible evidence-based solutions. Our intention is to stimulate discussion and develop research and best practice relationships that transcend disciplines and borders.

The APATAP Committee value your input and are always ready to hear your ideas and recommendations, so please do contact any of us directly.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next conference to be held in March 2021 in Western Australia.